Friday, September 2, 2016


Things over here have been surreal. I cannot even begin to imagine how they will feel once we bring this little girl home in December.

The nursery is painted and the crib is assembled.  This alone put me into a whirlwind. WE HAVE AN ASSEMBLED CRIB IN A PAINTED NURSERY WHERE IN THREE MONTHS A BABY WILL SLEEP. We have unpacked boxes of "baby" that we were unsure we would ever use.

We registered for our baby shower and hemmed and hawed about the car seat selection.

I feel kicks, my husband feels kicks. I have cravings for all things chocolate (which is rare for me). My latest obsession being these
The excitement our families have for us makes my heart so ridiculously full. 

I had my fetal echo done this morning which showed a very active baby girl with a perfect little heart and darling little profile.

The pain of the past cannot be erased, nor would I want it to be but I can say this the excitement for our future and for this baby girl trumps all of the pain we have been through the last few years. 

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