Thursday, October 27, 2016

33 Weeks

33 Weeks  

Food Aversions – nothing new

Cravings - trying to curb the sweet cravings!

Symptoms -  Lots of trips to the bathroom, swelling in my feet and hands (this has been off and on throughout but now its just on and really, really bad) and this weird symptom where my middle finger on my left hand cramps up in the morning and doesn't unkink itself until afternoon. Oh! I am also hungry all of the time. 

Other Happenings – I had a surprise shower at work which was very sweet. It was complete with petit fours, finger sandwiches and a beautiful cake. Lucia received more beautiful gifts including a crocheted blanket and cross stitched butterfly bib and burp rag set. I work with some talented women.

I have begun planning for my maternity leave. EEK!  We have also chosen a pediatrician. 

Things are definitely starting to feel very real. 

Upcoming Happenings - I have my second growth ultrasound this afternoon and will be starting NST next week.  My husband is finishing up the nursery and I have lot to put away. 

Time is officially flying by!

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