Friday, October 7, 2016

My Pregnancy Must Haves

I have seen quite a few of these blogs, and figured I would give my two cents and share my pregnancy must haves. Now, I have not listed my obvious must haves; lemons, lemonade and all things lemon.

1. I purchased the Snoogle fairly early on because I really like to sleep and I know I have difficulties sleeping on my left side. I am a strictly stomach sleeper.  Granted the Snoogle is like adding another human to our bed and looks a bit obnoxious, but it helps me sleep. Truly. I have been sleeping on my left side the majority of this pregnancy (I am all about that increased blood flow!), and it wouldn't be possible without the Snoogle. I have tried using a regular body pillow in past pregnancies, and there is no comparison.

2.  I love these Gap Pure Body Tanks.  They fit my body and growing bump perfectly.  I wore them alone during the summer and now that the temps are getting a big chillier I throw a cardigan over them and call it a day.  They are currently on sale, and I plan on purchasing a couple more. I love them that much. They are the perfect length, have the perfect amount of stretch and also provide the perfect level of coverage (not see through thin). 

3.  I have not used essential oils during the majority of my pregnancy, but now that I am in my third trimester I have decided to start using a few.  My favorite to use is Young Living's Gentle Baby. I have found myself getting ridiculously anxious and restless at night and a few drops of this on my chest or in a bath and I all of the anxiety melts away.

4.  If you are a new reader then you have no idea how much I love my Hydro Flask or should I say Hydro Flasks.  Staying hydrated is super important during pregnancy and doing so is much easier with the Hydro Flask as I always have cold water. Who is a fan of luke warm water? Not me. I have found myself drinking more around the clock than ever before (thanks to waking up for those frequent bathroom breaks).  I have my permanent bedtime Hydro Flask (32 oz), my permanent work Hydro Flask (18 oz) and my weekend on the go Hydro Flask (24 oz). I am a Hydro Flask addict and for good reason!  

5.  Good maternity jeans! My personal favorites are the Jessica Simpson in Petite. I have had some major issues finding maternity jeans that work for me. I am not sure what the deal is, but the majority have too short of a rise if they are petite, they are too long if they are a regular and the bands do not stay up. My only gripe is the band only comes in a dark blue which can be an issue if you are wearing a lighter top. 

6.  Crocs.  Yup, I said it. One of my not so pleasant pregnancy symptoms is swollen feet. I do not mean need to go up 1/2 size swollen feet, but rather need to go up an entire size and my feet still look like stuffed sausages. These have been my saving grace. I can honestly say I do not wear any other shoes at this point, why should I suffer when I have found perfection? Are they the most fashionable? Absolutely not, but they work with my casual office attire and you can barely see them if I am wearing a maxi skirt or dress.  They offer support, easy to slip on and plenty of room for my growing feet as the days go on. To be honest I cannot even say if I will be giving these us after pregnancy.

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