Tuesday, November 29, 2016

37 Weeks

37 Weeks  

Food Aversions – nothing new

Cravings - none; I actually am no longer a ravenous pig

Symptoms -  Lots more trips to the bathroom, swelling in my feet and hands  and dark spots creeping up out of nowhere. So pretty much lots of the same old. I am also feeling twinges here and there and some BH contractions.

Other Happenings – My blood pressure decided to act a tad crazy (140/95), but baby looked great on the NST. It also lowered (135/91) after a day of rest and laying on my left side. I have a MFM appointment later today, so anxious to hear what she will have to say.  My OB was not all that concerned as the NST was "beautiful" but my MFM freaks out at each appointment when she sees the swelling in my feet.  Alas, no protein in my urine or any other signs of preeclampsia. 

We have decided on my work schedule dependent on my husband's job not changing next year (FINGERS CROSSED IT DOESN'T). I am blessed to work for such a flexible company. I will still be considered full time, but will have a few earlier days during the week.  

The nursery is complete! Well we are waiting on a couple of things, but it is definitely baby ready especially considering we plan on her rooming with us for a few months. 

We are all decked out for Christmas. I was having some mild anxiety over not being 1st Christmas ready for Lucia, but all has worked out and she is destined to have the best 1st Christmas ever (that she wont even remember!) My husband is right, I am neurotic. 

Upcoming Happenings - MFM appointment this afternoon!

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