Thursday, June 15, 2017

Dear Lucia, (Six Months)

Today is your 1/2 birthday! We did not celebrate with cake, but instead your very first taste of food other than mama's milk. Avocado was a hit.  Proof.  

You are such a sweetheart.  You melt the hearts of so many around you. Your personality has continued to blossom.  You continue to be very curious and are always smiling and/or laughing. We have been stopped on more than one occasion by someone commenting on what a happy baby you are. 

The pediatrician called you a 'little firecracker' this afternoon and you really are.  Your facial expressions say it all. You have no qualms about letting us know what you want. You have also began to fuss if a toy is taken from you.  You can see the motivation in your eyes when trying to reach for an object or move around. 

You sat up in the shopping cart for the first time, and absolutely loved it. You looked so proud and giggled all the way through our shopping trip at Trader Joe's.  I am pretty sure Saturday morning grocery trips will become a thing for us through the years. 
You still fit into most of your 3-6 month clothing but that is not a surprise as you are quite petite. You make the 10th percentile look fabulous.  Your Nonna and Nonno are quite certain you will grow to be taller than both myself and your Daddy, but your pediatrician begs to differ. 

Lucia I wish I could remember every second and detail of the days that pass. 

Love you lots & lots, 


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