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In June of 2014, after tons and tons of researching (I research everything. You name it I research it!) numerous essential oil brands I decided to sign up with Young Living.  Since that day I have used Young Living Essential Oils daily and it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.

The main reason I chose Young Living is because of the "Seed to Seal" process. Learn more about their Seed to Seal process here.

Wondering how to order these amazing oils at wholesale pricing? Luckily their are several starter kits to choose from, but enrolling with the Premium Starter Kit gives you the most bang for your buck!  Yep, you get an amazing kit with everything you need to start and a wholesale membership saving you 24% on future orders!

The Young Living Premium Starter Kit comes with 11 oils, home diffuser, wholesale membership, Ninxia Red samples, essential oil samples and rollerball.  Also, if you sign up through me I will personally send you a reference guide to get you started on your oily journey!  You will also get access to our private Facebook group and I will be available for any and all questions you may have!  You do not have to promote the oils OR spend a certain dollar amount.  Just enjoy the lower prices on the oils.  Easy peasy.

  1. Click on over to the Sign Up Page
  2. Select "become a member"
  3. The Enroller/Sponsor IDs should already be filled in, but if not enter the Enroller ID & Sponsor ID 1904457
  4. Complete enrollment information (SSN is for tax purposes.  Young Living is required by law to ask for SSN because of the earning potential if you CHOOSE)
  5. Create password and pin
  6. Select a kit
  7. Optional - signing up for Essential Rewards.  This is not a requirement to become a Wholsale Member.  This is a rewards program which you can opt out of.
  8. Agree to Terms & Conditions and CONFIRM
  9. Begin to stalk the mailbox for all of the oily goodness that is coming your way!

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