IVF #1

Banking and freezing cycles for 8-10 embryos to biopsy and send for PGS testing

Antagonist Protocol 

3 weeks of BCP

Day 1 - 150iu Follistim and 37.5iu of Menopur AM & PM. The AM shots were our first go at sticking me with a needle. We may have watched a You Tube video a couple of times to mix the Menopur, but that was the most difficult part and mostly because neither of us had done it before. The shots them self were easy peasy. I could barely feel the Follistim and the Menopur burned slightly and a couple hours later injection site was a bit itchy, but nothing to write home about. The PM shots were even easier than the AM.

Day 2 - 150iu Follistim and 37.5iu Menopur AM & PM. My husband had a super early business meeting, so I was left to my own devices with my medication. I think he was more worried than myself. The Follistim was super easy, but the Menopur gave me a difficult time. I could not get all of the medication out of the vial. Luckily for me my support arsenal includes a friend/nurse who coached me over the phone. I now know what a bevel is. The PM shots went without a hitch. I started feeling a bit headachy today, but it could be the weather. I love my sinuses.

Day 3 - 75iu Follistim and 37.5iu Menopur AM & PM. I am starting to feel a bit bloated and exhausted. Exhausted as in I took a 2 hour nap before heading out for our dinner plans. I am also having no problem drinking ALL OF THE WATER. Stims make you thirsty? Tomorrow is my first ultrasound/blood work appointment. I planned on heading to work early and stepping out for my appointment, but after today I think I need to sleep in and head straight to my appointment.

Day 4 - 75iu Follistim and 37.5iu Menopur AM & *dosage change from 75iu to 150iu Follistim and 37.5iu Menopur in the PM. The Menopur was a tad more uncomfortable this morning. Alright, it burned like a bitch. I am not sure if its because I am already so tender or what but OUCH.

I had my first monitoring appointment this morning, and I have follicles. I was terrified my body would not respond to the medication, but it is. I didnt ask details because I would drive myself crazy, but according to the nurse I am responding and things look good. *I now wait for her call regarding changes in medication dosages.

No symptoms today.

Day 5 - 75iu Follistim and 37.5iu Menopur AM & 150iu Follistim and 37.5iu Menopur in PM. Finished off a 900iu vial of Follistim today. All of the vials of Follistim are overfilled. We got an extra 125ius out of the 900iu vial. It's unbelievable how damn expensive that tiny vial of medication is.

I am unsure if its my poor eating habits yesterday or the medication, but I am starting to feel bloated.

Day 6 - 150iu Follistim and 37.5iu Menopur AM & PM. Dosage increased after monitoring appointment. Starting to freak out a bit with all of the med increasing going on.

Day 7 - 150iu Follistim and 37.5 Menopur AM & PM

Day 8 - Monitoring appointment - starting Ganirelix and estimated egg retrieval of 5/27 or 5/28

Day 9 - 150iu Follistim and 37.5iu Menopur AM & PM. Ganirelix PM. Felt a few twinges and some EWCM.

Day 10 -  150iu Follistim and 37.5iu Menopur AM & PM. Ganirelix PM. A twinge here and there. Exhausted mentally & physically.

Day 11 - 150iu Follistim and 37.5iu Menopur AM.  Monitoring appointment this morning showed 5 follicles at 18mm.  My ovaries have thankfully woken up some. Just got the phone call from my nurse and will need to inject 150iu Follistim and 37.5 Menopur ASAP.  Pregnyl injection (trigger shot!) at 1:30 am.  Egg retrieval is set for 2 pm on Wednesday.

Day 12 - Doxycycline 2x daily (antibiotic for egg retrieval). I feel blah.  I do not think there is any way to explain it besides blah. Just blah!  I was pretty nauseated this morning. I am hoping more follicles caught up for tomorrows retrieval.

Day 13 - 16 eggs retrieved!

Day 14 - Exhausted, crampy and blood clots galore. 13 eggs were fertilized!

Day 17 - Finally feeling half way decent.  Retrieval recovery was much more than I anticipated.

Final Result - 4 blasts frozen and biopsied

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